The Cavallini Company, Inc. is a long established family firm, with a solid reputation for quality in design and craftsmanship. Our work can be seen in many different settings, mostly throughout the Southwest. Our goal is to meticulously design, fabricate and install art work, to achieve the most harmonious results, based on architectural style and decor of the structure. Every line, shape and color has a definite meaning. In our ecclesiastical designs, we attempt to reflect the congregation’s view of themselves as a faith community. Our staff knowledge of the scripture and iconography, lends additional value to the overall appearance and meaning of the art work.

Our facilities are one of the best, if not the best in the Southwest, with a 30,000 square feet well-equipped studio which we are constantly upgrading.

Our ultimate goal is to create through our artwork, an atmosphere which will enhance the spiritual experience and create an environment both beautiful and dignified.

Our family has been here since 1953, and we plan to be here for many many years to come. This should be an additional reassurance to our customers for complete confidence and trust in us; and this is the best reward we can ask for.

Whether you are planning a new church, or wish to add new stained glass windows to an existing structure, we can offer you complete design and installation. For any additional information, or a free estimate and brochure, please contact us. In the meantime, we invite you to browse the inspiring Web pages which we offer to you as a labor of love.