There are several things that one can do to make their kitchen beautiful and unique, a kitchen custom stained glass window is an example of an excellent addition to your home. In many homes, there is a window directly above the sink or along a wall facing a neighbor’s house with a dull view, and these windows can allow for neighbors or other outsiders view directly into your home. For this reason, a kitchen leaded glass panel may be the perfect solution as it still allows for natural light but can solve the privacy problem with textured glass. Kitchen-stained glass panels have strong utility and impeccable beauty. Custom cabinet-stained glass panel inserts is also an exceptional way to contribute to the unique beauty of your kitchen or bar.
1 Kitchen Stained Glass Window
One can use clear textured or colored glass allow or disallowing for line of sight into the cabinets for an elevated viewing experience. For easy handling, a stained-glass window hanging panel may be an option to consider, as it can be removed and replaced as needed from the hooks it would be mounted on. A popular choice among our residential clients is a stained-glass pantry door insert. The beauty of these pantry-stained glass doors is that they are complete personalized. A common subject in these decorative glass pantry doors is the customer’s name followed by pantry, for example the text: “Mary’s Pantry” surrounded by a decorative design of color and clear textures.
2 Beveled Glass Front Entryway Insulated Glass Panels


Custom designed entryway stained glass is always a substantial addition to a home’s curb appeal. Aside from the curb appeal, custom designed sidelight leaded & stained glass window cover can provide for a favorable alternative than blinds or curtains for your home. We are able to retrofit a residential stained glass window to any existing opening for cost savings. Custom designed transom stained glass panels are especially useful for allowing that extra light to enter into your home, while also adding the uniqueness of glass art. 

Door light custom stained glass window panels can give you the privacy that you may desire, while still allowing for plenty of natural light to enlighten into your home. The front door stained glass panel could be the most important piece of stained glass since this is the first thing that you, guests, and even prospective buyers are going to see before they enter into your home. Nothing says custom home like a custom leaded or stained glass panel. Custom residential stained glass panels for homes frequently incorporate stained glass bevels or beveled glass to create a traditional or modern styled leaded glass window. Our studio takes pride in our ability to blend the interior architectural elements as well as the exterior elements to create a seamless transition within your entryway stained glass panels.


Bathroom custom stained glass widow panels can be both beautiful and useful. Stained glass can spruce up the dull view with a beautifully colored decorative glass window design. The Cavallini Co., Inc. can design, fabricate and install a stained glass window for an existing opening to give you the beautiful view that you desire, no matter if it is a big stained glass window or a small stained glass window. Your bathroom leaded glass panel can incorporate colored stained glass or clear textured decorative glass to enlighten your room and make it into a unique work of art. Stained glass windows in your bathroom will also give you the needed privacy all while controlling the light levels.

3 qStained Glass Bathroom Window


For over 65 years we have been helping to bring congregations incredible beauty through our leaded glass and faceted glass windows. We know that being in your place of worship is close to your heart, and we treat the opportunity to produce your windows like the true privilege and responsibility it is. Cavallini Co., Inc. not only completes church commissions, but also private chapel custom stained glass window commissions.