For over 65 years we have been helping to bring congregations incredible beauty through our leaded glass and faceted glass windows for churches. We know that being in your place of worship is close to your heart, and we treat the opportunity to produce your windows and religious glass artwork like the true privilege and responsibility it is. Cavallini Co., Inc. not only completes church commissions, but also private chapel stained glass window commissions.

3 St. Michael the Archangel Grand Prairie TX Contemporary Stained Glass 2
1 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Panna Maria TX Leaded Glass 4

We design both traditional stained glass and contemporary stained glass with the idea that these designs will remain timeless. We design, fabricate and install with close attention to detail and with careful consideration for important factors such as: architectural elements, liturgically correct themes, liturgical appointments, and the congregation’s intentions. We develop the theme of the stained glass with the customer in a logical and meaningful way so that the stained glass is more than just a work of art. We aim to create a deep meaning behind your church stained glass window’s designs and ensure that a central theme ties them all together in a logical and purposeful way.

Our process for new stained glass windows for churches begins with an onsite consultation and measure. We will create a floor plan and take pictures of the interior of the sacred space so that our designs are made to incorporate existing architectural elements to blend seamlessly. Our designs are created and then reviewed by the customer. After all necessary revisions for the church glass artwork are complete, we begin bringing the design to life with our skilled inhouse craftsman. Cavallini Studios’ church stained glass windows are completely hand crafted, beginning with the glass cutting to the assembly. None of our figures are printed and are instead entirely crafted using hand painted stained glass created in our San Antonio studio. Our stained glass pieces can be seen in church leaded glass windows across Texas and surrounding states.

4 Mosaic of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
2 St

Cavallini Co., Inc.’s religious glass artwork is not limited only to decorative stained glass window panels, but also reaches glass mosaic murals. Our studio began with mosaic murals and we have continued completing these as per customer request. The process is very similar to the stained glass window process, first beginning with an onsite consultation and measure. We will also take pictures so the designers can incorporate existing interior architectural elements. The church mosaic mural design will be conceptualized with a theme in mind. The theme is selected by the customer or developed by our studio, always with a deep sense of purpose, meaning and logic. Cavallini Co., Inc. has been completing mosaic mural projects for over 65 years. It is a great honor for our studio to be able to produce these works of art using traditional techniques. Design potential for mosaic murals are limitless and can range through all styles from modern contemporary to classic traditional. Sometimes the mosaic mural is fabricated across seas and then installed by the Cavallini Co., Inc. onsite. Our Mosaic murals have sized anywhere from 4 to over 700 square feet. If you are interested in something small, such as a mosaic stations of the cross, or something big, such as a mosaic wall with 10 or more figures, we are happy to assist.