Cavallini Co., Inc. specializes in designing for etched glass, fabricating pieces, and installation. Etched glass is a medium of decorative glass that requires sandblasting a glass surface to create a positive/negative effect. Different depths of carving can be used to create different layers within the etching to achieve a desired effect. Etched glass is often used for name plates, company logos, & privacy. Some residential applications include Laundry or Pantry room doors.

Most types of glass can be etched, including several different safety glass types. Cavallini Co., Inc.’s team can work with you to determine the best material for your application based on your desired design, installation method, and budget

Thank you for considering Cavallini Co., Inc for your etched glass project. Please contact us at the office at 210-733-8161 or email at TX@Cavallini.Glass