The Cavallini Co., Inc. offers complete stained glass restoration services, one being stained glass window restorations. Our studio approaches each restoration project with an initial evaluation to determine what needs to be done to restore or conserve the art glass. Our evaluation can include tests for leaking, rattling, bulging, or sagging to find the root cause of the problem, and then determining our recommendations from there. Along each step we begin documenting the appearance and characteristics of the church stained glass window with pictures and precise measurements.

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Restoration and conservation of stained glass church window projects range in the depth of actions that are required. For less involved projects, a few on site trips are required to acquire a sample to match and then to repair the damaged piece in place. For more involved projects of restoring stained glass windows, removing the entire art glass window may be required. For these more in depth projects, we carefully remove, pack and transport the vintage stained glass window to our studio where we continue the documentation process by taking pictures and creating carbon copy rubbings for the windows. After the rubbings are complete, we disassemble each window and then reassemble using new material, but with the original glass. We always incorporate reinforcing bars as necessary while being careful to not obstruct the design. After the re manufacture of the leaded glass windows or etched glass windows, they will be installed back into their original setting to be complete stained glass pieces once again. Our goal is to bring your antique stained glass windows back to their former beauty with careful craftsmanship and our thoughtfully executed methodologies. We are happy to assist if you are looking to have your church stained glass windows repairs.

The Cavallini Co., Inc. also completes stained glass restorations for mosaic murals. The process involves replacing pieces that have fallen out with new thin set. After all the pieces have been replaced in the mural, grouting is completed in between each mosaic art glass piece. We complete our church mosaic repair with weather sealing coatings.

We are committed to bringing your religious glass artwork to the best possible condition so that future generations will have the privilege of enjoying and cherishing the deep meaning behind each carefully crafted piece.

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