Cavallini Co., Inc, specializes in designing, fabricating & installing faceted glass or “dalle de verre” panels.  Faceted glass is a medium of stained glass that incorporates 1” thick slab glass, epoxy, and granules/sand. This medium of stained glass is better served for projects that call for contemporary or abstract images, as the large slabs of glass make it difficult to achieve fine precision needed to depict a highly detailed image such as a face or hand.

Grace Avenue United Methodist Church Frisco TX Faceted Glass Last Supper 1
St Faceted glasses

Faceted glass panels do not have any flexibility. If the windows are improperly installed or have been subject to severe weather, it’s possible that the windows will crack and leak. Cavallini Co., Inc. restores faceted glass panels through a careful & concise process. The panels are dismantled and refabricated exactly as they were initially done, while replacing damaged or cracked glass. Cavallini Co., Inc. has thousands of slabs of glass in different colors readily available for use in the restoration process.

Faceted Glass panels can be protected by incorporating protective glazing. Several options are available to provide a protective cover against vandalism or severe weather. Some options for glazing include: 1” Insulated glass, high impact Plexiglas, and heat strengthened glass.

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