Mosaic Murals are comprised of many pieces commonly ranging from 1 piece to 30 pieces (often even more) per square inch. The medium of mosaics is an ancient art used to depict images, often meant to be a mechanism to teach stories to those who could not read. Cavallini brothers, Italian immigrants Manlio & Publio started Cavallini Co., Inc. in 1953. Their services included designing, fabricating, and installing mosaic murals, and since inception projects have ranged in size up to over 55,000 square feet. The main media of mosaic mural that Cavallini Co., Inc. works with is the Smalti mosaic.

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church San Antonio TX Mosaic Murals 1

Today, Cavallini Co., Inc. continues to offer these works of art & has the capacity to offer full design, fabrication & installation services for new mosaic commissions. Cavallini Co., Inc. also completes restoration & conservation of existing mosaic murals that are in distress. Cavallini Co., Inc. has the expertise to preserve the beauty & historical integrity of mosaic murals as well as provide periodic maintenance suggestions to help preserve the murals.