St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, San Antonio TX

1. St. Dominics Catholic Church San Antonio TX Mosaic Murals Leaded Glass Faceted Glass 2
Name of Organization: St. Dominic Catholic Church
Location of the Project: 5919 Ingram Rd., San Antonio TX 78228
Scope of Work: Cavallini Co., Inc. completed designed fabricated and installed leaded glass, faceted glass and mosaics. Leaded glass subjects included: St. Anthony de Padua, St. Dominic, San Antonio Missions, and the old & new churches. The Faceted glass subjects include: Creation, Noah’s Ark, The Tablets & the Burning Bush, Nativity, Baptism of Christ, Calling of the Disciples, Wedding at Cana, Feeding of the Multitude, The Last Supper, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Pentecost. The mosaics completed are adoring angels around the tabernacle.
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